1. J

    hello from Aberdeen

    hey, I'm Jites from Aberdeen. Some may know me from other forums but thought I'd join up here and see what's going down. i own an S14a Silvia currently but once I have cash monies I plan on getting a 15 current pic of car:
  2. B

    hey from aberdeen

    hey guys I am steve from Aberdeen dont own a stawberry but do have a s14a im on the look for a few bits in bobs thanks
  3. L

    S15 Aberdeen, Scotland

    Hey, Im Michael Loggie and i have just last week got my s15. I am the first UK owner and im only 19. So far it is more than i could of ever expected it to be. It is by far the coolest car i have ever been in and i love it to bits. If only all the roads in Aberdeen were good enough to drive on...
  4. mint

    White s15 in Aberdeen??? huh..

    Topper dude,.. you know of it? White.. BGW, Carbon Boot / Bonnet..? My best mates just told me he passed it today in Aberdeen. Random.. i thought there was only 3 of us! Christ.. common as muck :rolleyes:
  5. mint

    Clutch pressure plate..

    Hi, does the s14 one fit the 15? I got a cusco clutch plate and no pressure plate.. went to get it fitted now and Aberdeen has no pressure plate for 200sx / s14 or s15, bit snookered...