Looks like i'm going to need doner/new

    Spec R seeing as i crashed mine today! Proper gutted about it but i spose its just an accessory and i can get another one! any one know of a donor car in which i can have the rear 1/4s off?
  2. B

    12 v cigarette accessory

    hi guys i have seen this accessory in a few cars - any idea what it is??? (the red thing where the cigarrette lighter would be)
  3. D

    WTB: Stainless Steel Tail Protector

    Hi lads lookin for the protector for the rear bumper that goes over the exhaust i know its a genuine nissan accessory tryed nissan here but not much help:(
  4. Nicely

    Must-have sitting room accessory

    This is absolute class... :D :notworthy:
  5. M

    Touch Up Kits

    I know Ive read a thread on this but I cant find it..... So Im wondering if somebody (probably Ming) can confirm the part number for a touch up kit for colour code WKO. Nissan UK show it as non existent but I assume thats just because its an accessory in FAST. Part number I think is correct is...