1. Mycool

    FS: Nissan S15 Spec R For sale

    Show Winning Nissan silvia s15 spec R. I’ve owned the car for 4 and a half Years this is a very genuine sale, I’m not someone that changes there car every week. I’ve always said il never sell it! But I just feel I want to go venture over to Japan & bring something new back with me. The car...
  2. S15_SAM

    S15 on eBay

    "Just a heads up about this S15 on eBay, item number 272220587695 I have had dealings with this company a while back and when looking round there "bone yard " I enquirer about this very tired looking yellow s15 and was told the car came from Ireland and had been involved in quite a bad...
  3. D

    WTB: Had a accident need some parts :-(

    Hi ya all my beloved s15 spec r been in a accident as I was exiting a roundabout a Romanian reg Audi a8 pulled out and clipped the passages frontside of my car and he shot off I don't want to go though my own insurance and get it written off I need a new complete front slam panel front bumper...
  4. M

    does this car have a hidden history

    hi guys I am new on here decided I want an s15 just missed out on reepers13' s s15 and have seen this car on e bay it was previously owned by markturbo here its now for sale on ebay a lot cheaper than afew months ago...
  5. J

    anyone know where to these parts? had a accident :(

    basically i had a accident in my car so im proper in need of some parts :( front anti link bar (drop bar) oil cooler rad need help a.s.a.p ill post a few pics:-
  6. Yakozan

    Firefighters make a cab of a perfectly fine mercedes

    Just had to post this here. it was in the paper today :) A taxidriver stopped at the scene of a traffic accident to give a helping hand. It was -25 degrees C and two persons were injured. The kind Taxi-driver offered the victims to sit in his taxi to warm themself up while they waited for the...