1. Abooth93

    Air con capacity

    Hi guys I've been trying to find the air con refrigerant and oil capacity for my s15 I have tried looking through the forum but can only find faults not the actual capacities if anyone can point me in the right direction I would be really grateful cheers Alex
  2. B

    Factory Boot Release Wiring

    Hi have searched the forum but no luck, does anyone know what the two wires coming from the boot latch are supposed to do ? its the latch that bolts to the actual boot lid as opposed to the lock on the back panel. Any help much appreciated
  3. N

    New Owner from South Wales!

    Hi guys, My names Craig from Swansea and i have just bought my first S15 from a lovely lady called Tina in Coventry. Its something ive wanted for a very long time and now in a position to do so. Its a bloody wonderful car and i thoroughly enjoyed driving it home! Modifications wises the lady...
  4. John-

    FS: FREE - Battery!

    The battery that came with my S15 standard fitment. Replaced as thought it was dead. Was actually the starter! Just charged this one and works fine so, free to anyone that wants it. Collection from Royston or Ware. I'll pm the actual address.
  5. M

    My 2 s15's + new workshop

    Hi all, Just wanted to show you all my new workshop for my cars and my new s15 what is going te be my new project. Going to be some really nice specs (1000+hp) :D On this moment we're working hard to make it shiny and porn like hell :p From the starting: And actual including the cars...
  6. R

    FS: 5zigan alloys

    5zigan bronze wheels for sale 17" 8j pcd 5x114.3 4mth old in great cond small scuff marks looking for 550 i will try get pictures up soon not actual picture of alloys--