1. H

    One for Drifter or Adam L

    Hi guys, didn't get much chance to speak to anyone at japfest (adam!) but you two seem to be running the high power setups and I'm after a bit of advice.:nod: My car is presently running 388hp and my ultimate goal is to run 450 - 500 ish. I have the "bolt on" mods required to do this but was...
  2. J

    Newbie saying hello:D

    Hi everyone!:D Just thought I'd introduce myself, the name is Adam and I'm currently doing a four month tour in Oman. I've got another two months left to do and will be looking for a decent s15 in March. (will be my 4th 200sx) well, have fun lol Adam
  3. P

    s15 spec r

    hi does anyone have a spec r silvia s15 for sale regards adam
  4. S

    My s13.5

    Alright here is how have been coming along on the car..... PROGRESS PICTURES And there ya have it.... CA18 Under the hood. I havent posted here for awhile..I apologize. Adam
  5. S

    Question for you S15 owners....

    Why is the s15 not "allowed" stateside? I know there are some here, but i hear the arent street legal. Any reasons? Thanks Adam
  6. S

    I would like this bumper....

    What kind is this???? Im looking for the front bumper... Thanks. Adam
  7. Feast Japan

    Greetings from Japan

    Hi everyone, Just joined the site and happy to be here. Name is Adam, born in Canada and now living in Japan working in the export industry. Personal cars are a Mustang GT, 85 Levin HB and the ever reliable Honda Dio 50 CC scooter. With the S15 based cars, Ive always enjoyed the agresive...
  8. V

    [VERY] ... My modified S15 Varietta convertible with SR20DET

    Hi all... only just found these forums today... mostly hang out on the aussie forums... and My name is Adam, from Perth in Western Australia I bought a stock S15 Varietta (which i call "Very's" for short - hence the license plates) last May and been modifying it...