1. Auss15

    Show us your garage

    So there is a new addition to our garage, compliments the S15....:thumbs:
  2. Tommy Kaira

    Today's addition!

    Thought you might like to see some pics of my sexy new mirrors.
  3. natune

    Natune's car

    hey everyone, havnt really posted much in a while, but seeing as i got some new bits, and a new camera.. i thought id put some new pics up from the weekend after a nice clean. hope you like, latest addition was the k sport brakes that have been on there...
  4. Miss S15

    My new addition what ye think?

    When it was 2 hours old... 2 days old
  5. A

    WTB: Wanted: S15 Wing Mount Intercooler

    Does anybody have a S15 WMIC they want to part with? I'm seeking one as a small upgrade on my S14a 200sx whilst I consider where I want to go with the car, it would be a nice addition to my stage 1 modifications particularly in this warmer weather. Have money waiting, must be in good condition...
  6. P

    New addition, don't know where to fit it though.

    Just wanted to announce my latest addition, me second little girl was born today (6th March). Problem is I don't know where to fit the baby seat as the car is so damn small. :D