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    Any S15 owners from Adelaide, South Australia?

    Hey everyone! I'm new to this forum and just wanted to know if there's any members from Adelaide, South Australia? Just looking to meet and get to now some new people from around my area. I'm also looking to get a group together for cruise runs every few months depending on how many S15 owners...
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    Hey from South Australia

    Hey everyone, new to this forum... My name is Matt, from Adelaide, South Australia. Bought a JDM s15 from top secret imports in Sydney then drove it home back to Adelaide back in the Christmas holidays Loving the car! Always wanted an S series since I was in primary school... stepped up and...
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    WTB: Eye Lids

    Anyone in Adelaide (South Australia) know where I can get some S15 eye lids?
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    Meet: Adelaide Members?

    Are there any Adelaide members that would like to meet...I'm probably older than all you guys but have been a car nut all my life...I'm a member of the Sporting Car Club Of South Australia and officiate at motor sport events and do a lot of the Club's photography. Bought my S15 new in 2002, one...
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    Hi there from Adelaide AUS!

    Hi everyone just thought i'd introduce myself - im an avid s15 fan and long time lurker here and in other silvia forums. I currently drive a nissan pulsar (its gotta be a nissan!) and im saving hard so i can import a near stock black jdm s15. Im 19yrs old and work as a property manager - and im...