1. B

    FS: Advan AVS Model 5 - Bronze 17" - 5x114.3

    Didn't wanna have to sell these, but needs must, got other stuff I need to pay out for. Advan AVS Model 5 - Bronze - 17" - 5x114.3 All of the wheels are in good condition for the age with some kerb rash which is barely noticeable unless up close. Car drove perfectly with them fitted. I am...
  2. S

    FS: AVS Advan mode 6 wheels 9"*17" ET20

    Selling a set a wheels which I don't have any need for any more. They are AVS Advan Model 6 wheels which originally came off an R33 GTR. Wheels are all the same size 9"*17" ET20. they are in good condition with no significant kerbing/damage and all are true and straight !! These are awesome JDM...
  3. Mange

    FS: Advan Model 5 18x10 et19

    Hey guys, Im selling a set of 4 Advan Model 5 in bronze. They are 18x10 et19 all of them. Imported by me from Japan, in very good condition. No curb rash, a scratch or two on some spokes. All centercaps are there. I havent researched the price of shipping them to the UK or Europe but I...
  4. S

    FS: Rare GTR Face Advan RG's 17x9.5j et24 5x114

    For sale. Decided to keep my gramlights so i have these super rare GTR Face Advan RG's 17x9.5j et24 5x114. These where refurbed about 1000miles ago. no curbing. but some have very small stone chips. Come with 235/40/17 firestone firehawk tyres. but they will need replacing very soon. (in 4...
  5. CMR

    FS: 18" Advan RG Wheels for sale

    Advan RG 18" 5x114.5 18x8.5 ET31 and 18x9.5 ET35 Very good condition, however they do have marks where the wheel nuts have been fitted, also minor curb rash on a few rims nothing major. They clear my R33 GTR Brembo's by miles, so will clear Ksport setups etc. Have practically new...
  6. S

    FS: Rare Advan AVS Model 7 alloys - 17"

    Got a set of 4 Advan AVS model 7's for sale. 2 in good condition, 2 with some laquer peel around the wheel nut inserts and a bit on the faces :( All 4 come with like new tyres. Unsure of the offset but will fit s13, s14 and s15 and skylines to. Complete with 4 centre caps. 5x114.3...
  7. S

    Wide body pearl white S15 at a petrol station. Fill her up!

    Howdy S15 lovers! I thought I'd post a super recent pic of a friend's crazy ride. Hope you like it.
  8. M

    FS: - SERIOUS WHEELS - ADVAN RACING RS - forged mag alloys - 17x9.5 ET15 / 18x10 ET15 -

    WILL SELL WHEELS FOR £1300 ADVAN Racing RS - forged lightwieght racing wheels RARE and in **** hot sizes fronts 17x9.5J ET15 - 235/45/17 ADVAN NEOVA AD08 fairly new rears 18x10J ET15 - 225/40/18 michelins i think, good tread wheels have a few dings and scratches on the lips, but...
  9. C

    lowest prices on ADVAN / VOLK wheels

    :D Well guys we are loading a 40feet container next week from Japan. The box will be containing lots of wheels from the ADVAN range and some from the VOLK RAYS range. I think you will be shocked to find out we are giving these for the price of 1000 euros plus delivery to your door. Not customs...
  10. S

    RG or F1?

    Should I go Advan RG white 17x8.5 +31 7.5kg or Enkei RP-F1 17x8 Silver 7.1kg I compared the weight and they are very similar. I think it will come down to the taste but they all look tempting!! debate? Random pix.... btw Advan RG II is not better than just RG is it?
  11. M

    FS: Advan RGII (white)

    I have a Advan RCII (white colour) Front 17" 8J, Rear 18" 9J 99% new , just use 6 month. 540 pounds. Andthen buyer need to pay the shipping cost. The tiem is from hong kong. It is fit for s15.
  12. S

    I feel so gutted.....for my wheels..

    OK this pissed me off right away... I bought a set of Advan GII and also new tyres. I put them together and was going to fit them to my car But my nuts didn't fit!! It fits but it needs those hex type nuts whereas my standard is socket type..... Went to some local shop but I suppose only...