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    MAF Problem - High Idle

    Hi everyone, The problem: high idle (1800-2000 RPM) Car: Silvia S15 Spec-R (Manual) Modes: Nistune ecu Type 4 Greddy bov type R (without recycling) Z32 MAF HKS Intercooler What i have checked: 1. TPS on idle 0.5v 2. MAF on idle ~1.6v (increases when i put on pedal) 3. MAF (engine off) -...
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    HELP! 1 Step Behind Std

    I've got a wierd problem that I hope someone can help me with. Previously I have ask Nicely for advice on what to change and he adviced me based on the symptoms I told him which were misfiring on low revs and sluggish and irregular power. I changed my coils, sparkplugs, and O2 sensor and...