1. justin666

    Slammed Pewter S15, M40 towards oxford Sunday afternoon...

    As per title :) Slammed Pewter S15, M40 towards oxford Sunday afternoon around 1530hrs bouncing and bobbing along the inside line and generally looking badass :). I always see other S15's when im not in mine but I did Wave at ya from the missus's Juke :) lol J.
  2. C

    white one leaving modified live tonight

    just wondered if it was anyone on here as didnt see it throughout the show but saw you leaving this afternoon
  3. T

    some shots from this afternoon

    I've put these in my build thread, but here are some shots of my S15 from today.
  4. sushiming

    its gone and the end to my era.....

    guys its gone just this afternoon its heading its way to N Ireland....... its been a good ride for me for the past 3yrs or so and hoping the new owner will look after it too..... heres the last two pics i took...
  5. B

    What's happened to the SXOC forum....Can't access it

    ...says: Hmmm what better way to use my Sunday afternoon than to have a lock in :D