1. S

    Cranking for ages before starting

    I had a sterling alarm and push button start fitted the other day and now once it's been left a while it just seems to crank for ages before it will actually fire sometimes I have to pump the throttle a couple times. Generally once it's been ran a couple cranks and it fires but the next morning...
  2. S

    Love my S15

    Took the car out for the first time in ages today. Was so good I couldn't stop smiling. :D Weather was the best it's been in ages, raods were mostly clear with the odd puddle.
  3. Mike

    Open Event: Japfest 2012 Progress Thread

    (Mods if you want this somewhere else just move it along!) Currently ages to go but time flies! :furious: Post your 'To do' lists here! As always... :ttiwwp:
  4. J

    is this diff correct?

    hi, is this the correct diff to fit in my casing? thanks :) ive been after a 2way for ages now haha
  5. vinnie

    Heaters are not working

    Hey when I turn the heat up there's no heat coming out of the fans. The A/C works, the auto button works, the fan levels work but no hot air. This would happen in the winter! When I first got the car it did work. Or does it just take ages to for the heat to come out of the fan. Does anyone...
  6. S

    ecu problems

    ever since i brought my car (2 months ago) each time i start it in the morning or when the engine is cold it takes ages and ages to turn over, i always need to tap my foot on the gas. I thought it was the ecu because the guy before me said that he got it tuned to protect the engine lol. When its...
  7. M

    might as well introduce myself

    hi..thought it was about time to introduce myself:)just got my s15 a few days ago from Dizz..been lookin at them for ages but finally found a nice clean one with nice mods and have to say i love it:rotfl:
  8. J

    New keyboard warrior!!!...Existing car owner!

    Evening people! I'm James, from Gloucester. I've had my Silvia since March this year. It's been my goal since I was about 16 to get an S15 when I turn 21...and I did it!!! You gotta live you know! :nod: I've been lucky enough to buy one in absolutely mint condition and have maintained its...
  9. F

    G'day all and well done

    Great job guys was registered before but it is very interesting to see how many s15 fanatics there are out there, i believe a dedicated forum and group such as this is awesome and invaluable source of information and a bloody good laugh. fantastic job to all those envolved in putting the whole...