1. Saxon

    Correct Oil Filter

    Hi all, I know there are a few threads about this already but I just wanted to clarify: from what I understand from searching and reading through the existing threads, the correct oil filter for the S15 is part number 15208-9F60A? Just wanted to check as I just went to the local Nissan dealer...
  2. C

    Will an Almera ECU fit an S14 sr20

    Does anyone know if an Almera ECU will work on a S14 SR20DE engine as I have the engine but cant find an ECU or harness? Paul
  3. V

    Re: post not showing

    Re: post not showing Hi everyone, I posted a for sale listing but I can't seem to find it..? It wasn't actually an item for sale but I wanted to know if any of you s15 owners were interested in having copies made as I was just a lucky git managed to get 1 shipped from the states, I don't own a...
  4. C

    Craig's Almera @ Bedford Autodrome - Jan '12

    After some much needed arch and sill repairs, it was time to test the Almera out (again)!! This is it's second trackday with several accidental 8000+rpm heel-toe downshifts, 300 track miles and it's still going strong! Not bad for a £255, 145k mile eBay special!! The day went quite well. Had a...
  5. C

    Craig's Almera Track Project!

    I've recently bought an old Nissan Almera N15 as a track car project so thought I'd post some progression up here. I bought it off eBay last week for a whopping £255. The interior was really clean and tidy but the bodywork is suffering from the classic Nissan rust bug. Here are some pics of...
  6. kimi

    oil filter

    i've been to my local nissan dealer today to get an oil filter,as i'm hopfully getting my car's oils done this weekend. Anyhow what a bunch of muppetts ! They did not know what my car was, not even sure of sr20det engine :eek: tryed to explain 200sx they werent even sure what a s14 was ...