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    WTB: Looking for S15 chassis

    Hey guys! I live America and really want a S15 for my drift build/show car. Does anyone have a S15 doesn’t matter the condition, doesn’t have to be turbo or stick. Stick would be preferred but once again not a big deal. It’s just the chassis I need to get started. Only thing I ask is no extreme...
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    WTB: I need an s15!!!

    How would one go about importing one of these to america? and how much would it cost?
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    New From USA future S15 show car

    Whats going on everyone? As the title says I live in America in the great state of Oklahoma. I have decided that I want a new project car and that a S15 or r34 is going to be the one. I honestly like the looks of an S15 more but an r34 is just well an r34. I could use some help with tracking one...
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    Polybush lube

    What sort of lube is best to use with polybushes? I've ordered a load of bushes but forgot the lube and as they are coming from America, would prefer to get some from a shop over here. :)
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    calling all s15

    Not sure where to post this . Just wondering how many s15 owners is in North America ?? Florida ??:rotfl: