1. Nickichi

    Nissan Silva Shirts - Ends USA Time Tomorrow

    just found this by pure luck on FB and ordered a couple for myself XD Posting here if anyone else is interested XD American company but they offer worldwide shipping and Paypal checkout Was gonna stick this...
  2. Roots82

    Replacement Badges

    Is there any where in the uk to pick em up? or is it a japan or american order? Are these expensive and rare items? Thanks Ian
  3. S

    American Newbie :)

    I don't own an S-15 Silvia (yet). My name is Jason, I'm in the US Air Force, and on my way to Okinawa Japan in June, and I'll be there a minimum of 4 years. I plan on picking up an S-15 Spec-R shortly after I arrive, they are priced very well there, $10k US for a nice stock one. I'm not much...