1. N

    WTB: T28R

    So my turbo decided it would like to break last night, Nasty grinding sound, also wheel stopped when i looked at it with the intake off :annoyed: Anyone have one asap please?
  2. S

    Urgent help needed!

    Iv booked my mot for Friday next week but just remembered iv still got the de-cat in and binned the old one! :annoyed: Dose any one know what size it is i.e. Lenth and number of cells it is please!
  3. T

    Spec S Turbo Conversion

    Hi, I've searched the forum to find out if this has been done and if so how much it roughly costs? But I can't find the answers! :annoyed: Has this been done on this forum before? Are there any success stories of it!? Also how much are front suspension bushes for these beasts? Regards
  4. Curryzz

    Got my car back but really pissed off!!!

    Im just posting as some of you may have had similar problems before,Well it all started with my car feeling like it had a missfire it wasnt that bad but had a stange rumble to it like a scooby but wasnt an obvious missfire because some times it was ok,just on idle it sounded bad then when i...
  5. S

    WTB: Nissan Silvia tail light

    Hi i really need a new set of tail lights i broke my right lamp today :annoyed: Does someone have a pair to sell to me? :mad::confused: :smitten:
  6. A

    J.B. Tamashi S15 - a closer look at my ride

    My S15 which I have spent years of hard work on. Done by Onward Motorsport. Car was borrowed to film Malaysia's KL Drift Evolusi II. However, engine was damaged during filming. Disappointingly, proper maintenance checks like checking of coolant and engine oil was not done before performing...
  7. Hunts15

    WTB: passenger side headlight

    does anyone have one please had a run in with a dog:furious: and yes he did survive but my headlight didnt :annoyed: need one asap as the kit is been fitted this week
  8. MrSilvia

    Good day ... all s15oc!

    Hi ... I am from malaysia. I own a pearl white s15 spec-R for more than 1 year. For the pass 1 year, I did fix some parts here & there. Currently, use as daily car & quite a mid heavy petrol drinker. :annoyed: Will post some photos of my babe later .... Gan bade .. mina san!
  9. irvs

    soo drunk

    soo drunk right now and dam it feels great.hehe. hate working all day and night at th3e weekend.(reallyhate being a spark these days))) anyone else pissed up???. tonight cant get anny better craic tyhan 2night mate just tole me his woman is pregers ((only 18))):rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl: :rotfl...
  10. S

    The price of Three piece wheels

    i think each piece worth what other one piece wheel is. I just got a quote for ROH Modena it's about 1000 NZD per one which is about 330 pound :annoyed: :annoyed: ah!! however on good side, it looks good :D this is really light for such a big rim. I might hunt for 16x11 or similar...