1. N

    Annoying creak

    Car has been pretty much noise free since ive bought it, til i fitted a 3" catback lol. But on the way to work yesterday i starting hearing an annoying creak from the windscreen/a piller area when going over bumps. Anyone else had this?
  2. Parky

    A weird one... Static shocks..?

    Every time I get out of the car and go to close the door, I keep getting a static electric shock off it... Anyone got any ideas why? It's getting annoying!!
  3. J

    still got a electrical problem :(

    hi, basically whenever i put my indicator on all the hazards flash and the alarm goes off. i also cant set the alarm or use the remote i have to lock and unlock the car wiht the key. plus i cant use the normal standard key with the black box think at the top. i have to use the plain metal key...
  4. Fasthands

    WTB: greddy intake plenum Tomei throttle body 70mm

    Does anyone have these parts for sale or know where I can get them? Apex are nothing short of useless, as they list it on their site but have nothing in stock or can't get it for ages.. Christ it's so annoying when company's do this.
  5. L


    I currently have a nismo LSD and I am wanting to get a standard diff or at least one that doesn't kick and click when I go round corners. It is brilliant for drifting but for normal street driving it is very annoying. Does anybody know where I can get a new diff and any good ones in particular?
  6. L

    S15 Aberdeen, Scotland

    Hey, Im Michael Loggie and i have just last week got my s15. I am the first UK owner and im only 19. So far it is more than i could of ever expected it to be. It is by far the coolest car i have ever been in and i love it to bits. If only all the roads in Aberdeen were good enough to drive on...
  7. sliding-r

    Standard Spec-R Diff

    Hi, Any one had trouble with doing a tight donut in the dry, mine spins one wheel up like a open diff and doesnt spin u round like u expect. very annoying!
  8. Y

    memory cable

    Hello Folks Does anyone know which cable is used for the memory cable for the radio, every time i turn on the radio i have to re-tune the channels. And its getting quite annoying so if anyone knows which it is be great
  9. S15RKM

    Metal Gaskets?

    Does anyone know the best and quickest place to get original metal exhaust gaskets from? Am after the full set from manifold back,please help got a small annoying leak cant find it anywhere.
  10. S

    Annoying dash rattle

    There's a very annoying rattle coming from under the dash, around the airbag area. Im pretty sure it's here anyway but i know rattle locations can be deceptive. Anyone else had this problem, and if so, how did you fix it?
  11. M

    Its gone.....

    Well folks thats it, the S15 has just gone, well at least provisionally as I have a deposit and the chap will be picking it up today or tomorrow, so everyone welcome Dammsy (Who is a recent member on here) to S15 ownership. :wave: I guess I should feel happy but Im not too sure at the minute...