1. C

    Rpf1 fitment help

    Hi all, thinking about getting some eneki rpf1's. sizes: 17x9 et 22 & 45 215/45/17 Currently running stock suspension but will eventually get hsd's ive checked will they and appears to look ok fitment. what do you guys think of this fitment and if there's anyone running a...
  2. S

    coilover question

    It appears that on the way back from japfest on of my coilovers decided to blow a seal covering the underneith of my car in oil. The original plan was to just stick some new ones on but after a bit of searching it appears i have GP sports G master pros which are £1500 new :wack: so im think it...
  3. Joeh

    Forum time out of synch

    Thanks to Jordan for pointing out that the forum time is out of synch :) There were problems with our host server last night which have now been resolved. However, this issue appears to be a side effect. Its been reported to the web host, who are now investigating. :)
  4. Nicely

    Very slow forum

    No doubt many of you will have noticed the slowness of the forum over the last couple of days, and possibly made double or triple posts. I apologize for this. It appears to be a server issue which the hosts are currently investigating. :)
  5. Nicely

    Coilovers fitted!

    Woohoo! Finally fitted my Apex coilovers on Friday (thanks to Juz on SXOC for the use of the ramp and air tools). Bit of a frig, as it appears the the base strut length needed to be different to which the S14 boys have been starting with... Go them sorted in the end though. The rear was pretty...