1. T

    WTB: Aero side skirts, rear strut brace, arb's

    Hi, I'm after some aero side skirts, NISMO rear strut brace and nismo arb's front and rear. Would also be interested in nismo lower arms, front and rear and a nismo power brace.
  2. Fasthands

    WTB: Uprated/ Whiteline ARB's F&R must be mint condition.

    As title says really cash waiting.. PM me or text 07935597638
  3. LuPix_S15

    DB-Power Group Buy!

    Hola :) Just wanted to make sure if anyone's interested in ARB's, camber arms and alike then don't miss out on DB-Power's latest group buy!! Dan needs 20+ orders in order for the group buy to go ahead so roll up roll up lol :D I'm ordering a...
  4. sliding-r

    Calling people with whiteline ARBs

    Got my second hand arbs repainted this eve as there a touch rusty as they all go.. Just cleaned them and used some silver hammerite.. Works a treat ; ) Now I have measured my rear one and it appears to be the 20 mm version not 22 m but I'm sure it's much better than the stocker.. What the oem...
  5. kimi

    s14 / 15 Cusco ARBs

    Please take a look here :D
  6. B

    Whiteline ARB's

    Does anybody know if the Whiteline S15 front and rear adjustable ARB's are the same as the S14/a? Thanks B17DUF
  7. B

    ARC arb's fitted

    My ARC pipe bar arb's finally arrived (Cheers Kieran) They were relatively simple to fit and have made the car much more fun to drive,just need to crack on with the rest of the suspension now :D
  8. irvs

    nons15 content

    i know it aint an s15 and im not getting one till the end of the year(really hateing the wait) but just thought id share my latest pick of the bora. its a 130tdi sport (now 195BHP) all thats done is coilovers, uprated ARBs, turbo back milltek 'race' exhaust, remap, 9/19s radius R6 alloys and...