1. JDM_virgin

    In the beginning...etc etc

    finally worked out how to utilise photo bucket!! so here are some pictures of my new purchase currently on a boat from japan. its going to be fitted with the aero kit and spoiler, lose the chrome rear lights and replace the ahem 'dildo' gear knob. arrives early april...cannot wait! its showing...
  2. C

    Newbie help please

    Hi All, I'm thinking of buying the following car: and was wondering if anyone has any experience with SVA Imports. I know there are a lot of good and bad reviews out there and a thread on here... But am I wise putting down a £500 (Refundable)...
  3. D

    Initial Checklist

    I should be getting my S15 Spec R in the next week or so. After reading these forums, i am making a checklist of what i need to do when the car arrives. I have read some stuff about fuelling, do i need to have the car re-mapped for uk fuels? I know that i should change all oils and flush where...
  4. P

    Finally starting to mod

    Well the time has finally come, I have a very modest budget and so I'm modding on the cheap. I have a Veilside front bar (same as Alberts) which I have prepped myself and just need sprayed, I have a 600x300 FMIC which just needs a piping kit, a Whiteline strut tower brace which arrives on...
  5. H

    New from Norway :)

    Hi, I was told to write somthing about me :) Im a 26year old boy from Norway. I have newly imported my S15 from Japan. The car is currently standing inside during the winter (hate snow). But when spring arrives the car will hopefully be finished with some upgrades :). Here is a picture of my...