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    injector duty questions??? help needed a.s.a.p really

    my car was mapped by greg with a max boost setting of 1.4bar (350bhp and 380ft torque) the injectors never hit more then 94% on limitier in 4th. since then it slowly got worse and worse, it now hits 100% injector duty at 0.94 bar at limitier in 2nd... as soon as i run it at 1.4bar on full...
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    WTB: s15 coilpack harness wanted, asap!

    need it a.s.a.p :(
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    WTB: s15 2way diff!

    hi, is anyone selling one? would prefer it in the casing already but still interested without. needed a.s.a.p :) thanks
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    WTB: side skirts needed a.s.a.p!

    needed a.s.a.p!! preferbly in england to save the massive postage costs! thanks
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    anyone know where to these parts? had a accident :(

    basically i had a accident in my car so im proper in need of some parts :( front anti link bar (drop bar) oil cooler rad need help a.s.a.p ill post a few pics:-
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    WTB: need these a.s.a.p money waiting!

    basically i had a accident in my car need a few things to put it right, need them a.s.a.p can pay straight away!! drivers side front lower wishbone arm + ball joint oil cooler rad front anti link bar (drop bar) need these a.s.a.p!
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    WTB: s15 front wings!

    anyone got both front wings? doesnt matter about the colour. need them a.s.a.p
  8. J

    k sport brakes.

    hi, i know ive already posted a thread like this before but i need new discs for my k sport brakes. can i use any discs aslong as there the same size? or do they have to be k sport? need new ones a.s.a.p thanks james :)
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    WTB: s15 flywheel! urgent!

    has anyone got one? standard? need it a.s.a.p thanks