1. S

    WTB: S15 Headlight Cap

    I'm looking for the circular plastic cap that screws into the rear of the headlight assembly. This one: Has anyone ever bought just the rear cap on the S15 headlight housing seperately without buying the whole headight assembly? The Nissan dealers around here said they won't sell me it (I live...
  2. M

    WTB: R33/R34 Rear hub assembly

    Hi Guys, I probably would be better off posting this in a skyline forum, but thought i'd ask just incase! I'm after a rear hub assembly from a r33 or r34, including handbrake cables. Calipers too if possible. Think its time i finally increase my breaking power and swap my single pot rears...
  3. Krish

    WTB: Z32 handbrake assembly

    As above. Cheers
  4. K

    WTB: NEED R33 GT-R rear brembo calipers and brake assembly

    I need an R33 GT-R rear brembo calipers and brake assembly ASAP. I don't care if the caliper paint is chipping off or if it have pads or lines, as long as there is no rust inside or out and the pistons arent frozen and all the hardware is there. Brake assembly needs to be complete, I don't care...
  5. R-Spec


    Came back from a friends house this weekend and :eek:! :confused::cry::confused::cry: :mad::mad::mad: - no need!! :censored: so help needed guys. Where can I find one and guess its a simple door card off and replace assembly?
  6. S

    Front Wheel Bearings

    My front left side wheel bearings need replacing as there is some play in the wheel and when i go over bumps, theres a metal scraping sound. Ive just been looking at the manual and i can't figure out which is the wheel bearing assembly from the diagram. Also, if I get a hub puller, is the job...
  7. S

    Help needed:japanese car dismantlers

    as above guys i need to find a breakers breaking a nissan silvia s15 spec R preferably a 01-02(i think).. I need to get my hands on a oil return line assembly that goes from the turbo to the oil sump.... any help appreciated..