1. Z

    New member from AUS

    Recently bought a jdm s15 and came across this site from someone on Id attach a pic but i dont think i can Who else around here is from Australia? Good to see a s15oc as well :)
  2. sliding-r

    Stock Front Bumper Question

    hi, what does the two middle black button clips attach too see picture- these two pictured? is it a piece of plastic or? this is a pic i found online mine only attaches one each side of these and has the holes to...
  3. J

    Door Mirror Assembly Bolts

    Just been in touch with Nissan after a couple of bolts, however they want me to buy the entire mirror and fittings! I didn't even ask them to quote me :rolleyes: It's two of the three bolts which attach the mirror to the arm where it hinges. (from the bottom and scre upwards). Anybody have a...
  4. M

    WTB: s15 headlight brackets

    im after a pair of front headlight brackets, the ones that attach to the 2 up rights in from of the radiator:thumbs:
  5. P

    how do i paste photo's

    I confused, and a bit of an idiot. i can't paste or attach photo of my car how do i do it???