1. Jaydej

    Interesting news from time attack would anyone else be interested in starting up?
  2. G

    Open Event: My S15 Time Attack Adventure

    This year was a Time Attack galore for a small team of S15 owners from Pitworks in Malaysia. I have captured this experience in my blog and hopefully this will rub off some excitement over to those who are contemplating going down the track with your car. Enjoy! :nod: Competitive Track...
  3. C

    Open Event: [Invitation] CTA Time Attack JULY 29 2012 ( Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur )

    CTA HAS BACK FOR THE SECOND ROUND! Upcoming Time Attack Event at Sepang on 29 JULY 2012 CTA : V1 Concept Competitive Track Autoshow 2012 @ Sepang Official Video. - YouTube You and your car club are cordially invited to join us on this special day. For more information ...
  4. V

    Time attack gearbox options

    Hi all , Would like to get your feedback to build a s15 gearbox that can withstand 500hp and 550 Nm (tq) . I recently blew up my stock 6 speed and would not want to change back to that so my option is either go with the 5speed s14 or rb25 route . Am searching for the most cost effective...
  5. Trial_S15

    Irish Japfest

    Did anyone go to Japfest in Mondello on Sunday and if so what were your thoughts? I was very drunk the saturday night so I missed the first half of the day on Sunday but what I saw of it it was really good. The lads put on some show with the final rounds of the time attack & prodrift on on the...
  6. kimi

    Gramlights Time Attack

    We had a sample new wheel in yesterday at work, i think its :smitten: Thought i'd share it with you What do you guys think ?