1. B

    Rear Shocks Bottom Mount which way round

    Hi I have checked the "Useful Threads" and done a search but have not found this covered. I have stupidly removed both rear shocks and when I have come to fit the replacements the bottom of the shock mount is different each side, one side has a sort of countersink and the other is straight. I...
  2. S

    Braking news! (don't get excited)

    Ok I'm in need of all new brakes (all round) was looking for something alittle bit more exciting than standard replacements, but not the huge price tag! Some time ago a fellow member suggested project mue, so I got a set of pads to give them a try and there great apart from one thing, THEY...
  3. Feast Japan

    Nismo Festival 2010 - Image Intense

    Another great weekend has just passed. This one being rather special for Nissan Motor Sports fans, the Nismo Festival up at Fuji Speedway. Like Japan in general, the fast paced lifestyle doesn’t wear off even on such an event. All done in a single day. I suppose it really could be stretched...