1. S

    Odd looking S15!!!

    Found this in the auctions this week! Never seen anything like it before! What do people think of it??
  2. T

    FS: Stock Update

    Just a quick update from all of here at Torque. Our new website has gone live in the past month: It's a work in progress, so development will continue over the next 6 Months. One thing to keep an eye on is the Blog page, where there will be a daily update on...
  3. G

    Unusual front end..

    Found a bit of marmite while browsing the auctions, who makes it?:
  4. TriniGT

    Hey Trial S15

    Was just browsing Japan Auctions and came across this, Came across this as well,
  5. C

    have just set up this new company a few months back. japanese base company.and we can send parts worldwide direct to your door step some on here prob know yahoo auctions very well and others might not,if you need any help let me know on thanks...
  6. P

    Yahoo Auctions

    Does anyone know how to go about buying things off yahoo auctions?
  7. Topper

    Yahoo Auctions Go to Automotive on the left hand side, the in the search type box enter what you ar looking for. Under the Japanese text you will get Green ENGLISH text!!!!! What you think of this guys?? :cool: