1. Nissan_S15

    FS: Alpine 800watt Subwoofer Blue Lit LED's - Bargain!!!

    Recently purchased this 12" subwoofer as a backup just incase anything happened to the one installed in my S15. So far 2 years of use and my Alpine sub is still going strong, so I have decided to sell this one. All in good working order and all original bits supplied. This is a great...
  2. T

    FS: S15 R-Spec - Pewter with Vertex Bodykit - 53,000 Miles

    So the time has come to sell my pride and joy. If I want this new house, with a heavy heart it's gotta go. I've enjoyed every moment of ownership and now it's time for someone else to get the pleasure. In my opinion it's one of the classiest looking S15's out there! Not too many engine mods so...
  3. 2fst4u

    Car audio set ups. Explain yours

    I'm trying to figure out how my future audio set up is going to be physically wired so in an attempt to wrap my head around the subject, I like to put the question to you guys: how is your car audio system set up? I'm not looking for "which amp is better" etc, more, what have you got hooked up...
  4. hoodooyoudo

    taking stock

    my new silvia. almost stock, but for autech style-a tail lights. second owner - 16,800kms on the clock. short-term todo; - new tyres - reinstall audio / upgrade audio - tint windows 50% long-term? who knows. I'd probably like to buy it some new shoes..
  5. I

    Audio installs?

    Has anyone done any audio install work on their cars? Interested to see what others have done. :) Also I have read that S14 owners put sound insulation over the rear wheels to help dampen the tire noise. Does this happen on the S15 at all?
  6. seilow

    wiring gps audio factory

    hi there maybe someone has aplan of the gps wiring?? many thanks
  7. H


    Hey, I have recently gotten a sponsor who will supply me with audio for my car. Im am looking around the net for pictures of other S15 for inspiration from other ppl that have built audio in their cars. So if anyone have any pictures or URL for this. PLease post them here :) Thanks :)
  8. F


    ok thought i might start a thread in the car audio section......what audio components make up your system. alpine 9825 head deck dls front and rear speakers fusion encounter 12" sub-woofer fusion 4 channel amp...