1. dave_t

    Apexi AVC-R Problem - Boost Solenoid Clicking

    Today i noticed whilst coming on boost, the avc-r boost solenoid is 'clicking'. has anyone experienced this before? is the solenoid defective? & if it is, where can i locate a replacement ASAP before mapping in mid October.
  2. dave_t

    Apexi AVC-R Setup - S15

    Well i finished installing my Apexi AVC-R Black Edition yesterday, fitting the controller into a custom panel i made to house it, along with the relocated headlight angle switch, and rear fog light switch. First off, I input the car specific settings following the Apexi Manual, but noticed...
  3. R

    Noise from ECU

    I fitted my new Apexi AVC-R boost controler the other day. I'm hearing a ticking noise from the area where the ECU is kept (Passenger foot well). The noise only starts when on boost @ +15 on my boost gauge on the AVC-R. My boost is only set to 1.00 bar of boost @ 50% Can anyone explain this...
  4. S

    WTB: koyo radiator/apexi avc-r

    Hey guys looking for a new koyo rad and apexi avc-r please
  5. A

    What about The Boost Control Kit with Apexi Power FC??/

    Is it ok? Does it work w/o problems? or better to buy Apexi AVC-R, HKS EVC or other?
  6. A

    Apexi AVC-R vs HKS EVC????

    What is better?