1. ChrisKnottIns

    22% average premium saving with Chris Knott

    Interesting little statistic that might encourage you to ask us to quote for your car insurance when it comes up for renewal... Car club members and enthusiasts save 22.3%* on average by switching to Chris Knott compared to their existing renewal elsewhere. So there's the potential for very...
  2. ChrisKnottIns

    Do you want the good news or the bad news?

    Hi, I thought you'd be interested in this even if your car insurance isn't due just yet but especially if it is! There's some bad news but there's also some relief at the end... The bad news According to an industry report last week, Comprehensive car insurance premiums are now at their...
  3. ChrisKnottIns

    CK better than the rest of the market

    So, the AA released a report last month showing how much car insurance premiums have risen over the last 12 months. Apparently, premiums have gone up by 16.3% - an average of £82 per policy (£18 of which is due to the 2 IPT (tax) increases). The current average car insurance premium is now just...
  4. Jaydej

    Track day insurance?

    Hey guys does anyone use track day insurance? Isit worth it? What company's and how much on average?
  5. J

    Exedy Hyper Twin Plate Clutch & Flywheel

    hi, its been on the car since the end of 2009, done about 15-20k km. works fine and bites hard. how much you rekon its worth? on average? thanks
  6. D

    WTB: Nissan Almera Gti!

    Have been lookin for one off these the last few days so could anyone in the uk keep an eye out for me im lookin for a real clean one 98-99 with average to small milage and no rust. Cheers lads!:nod: 00353871343093.
  7. irvs

    the time has come.

    times up its almost the July deadline, been on this site too long without an s15. so currently fixing up the bora to be sold in July. i think I've settled on an importer, torque-gt, nicely cant recommend them enough and they offer a huge amount included in the price.:thumbs::thumbs::thumbs...
  8. moomin

    average age of a S15 owner????

    hey all, random time now!!! whilst at a friends house last night, whilst watching in awe at the bravery of porting his own RX-7, (check out SXOC - non 200sx motoring for a full strip down/rebuild of a rx-7 with ????? of mods going in, witrh pics, VERY INTERESTING!!!!!!) anyway, we started...
  9. Nicely

    Nissan OEM Parts Suppliers (Japan)

    This is aimed more at UK members, but I'm sure also applies to other countries. Did you know that nearly every Nissan part that you buy over here in the UK can be got for around half the price (or more) in Japan? If you're not in a desperate hurry (the process takes 2-3 weeks on average) and...