1. B

    FS: Advan AVS Model 5 - Bronze 17" - 5x114.3

    Didn't wanna have to sell these, but needs must, got other stuff I need to pay out for. Advan AVS Model 5 - Bronze - 17" - 5x114.3 All of the wheels are in good condition for the age with some kerb rash which is barely noticeable unless up close. Car drove perfectly with them fitted. I am...
  2. T

    FS: Brand New AVS Model 5 17x9+22 Bright Silver pair only

    Brand New AVS Model 5 17x9+22 5x114.3 Bright Silver Rims sat at a shop for about 13 years. Production stamped 5/29/2000. Perfect condition, never had a tire mounted on them before. Ship from Japan to the US or Canada via EMS (3-5 days) with tracking and insurance $1420usd (1055euro) shipped...
  3. sliding-r

    FS: TRACKDAY WHEELS- AVS wheels with Yoko A048 tyres 5 stud nissan

    Here we have left over from my car a set of sweet trackday wheels. 2 x AVS Model T5 17x8" ET30 shod with Yokohama A048 225 45 17- 2mm tread remaining 2 x AVS Model 6 17x9" ET30 shod with Yokohama A048 225 45 17- 3.5mm tread remaining Yoko A048 come standard with 4.8mm tread, these tyres are...
  4. S

    FS: Rare Advan AVS Model 7 alloys - 17"

    Got a set of 4 Advan AVS model 7's for sale. 2 in good condition, 2 with some laquer peel around the wheel nut inserts and a bit on the faces :( All 4 come with like new tyres. Unsure of the offset but will fit s13, s14 and s15 and skylines to. Complete with 4 centre caps. 5x114.3...
  5. J0R04N

    FS: AVS Model 5 Alloy Wheels

    Found a set of 18 inch that took my fancy so these are up for grabs. The AVS Model 5 Alloys. 17 inch et 114.3 with a 35 offset. Fit my S15 perfectly. Only just refurbed and with new Falken Ziex 912 all round. After £600 no offers please.
  6. J0R04N

    FS: AVS Model 5 17 8J ET30 114.3 Very rare!!!!!

    AVS Model 5 17 8J ET30 114.3 Very rare!!!!! Have a pair of AVS Yokohama model 5 alloy wheels for sale. Both have usable tyre's one has 3mm tread and the other 4.5mm. One of the alloys has a slight mark on. Both are fitted with yokohama s-drive. After £250 for the pair. These alloy wheels new...
  7. J0R04N

    My New S15

    Just brought my Gunmetal S15 from the fast car store in manchester. 45,000 on the clock and i have to say its a minter :) Tein Superstreet coilovers with top mounts. AVS model 5 alloys, HKS Jansan exhaust system, HKS induction kit and HKS turbo timmer.
  8. LuPix_S15

    FS: AVS Model 5 Alloy Wheels - FOR SALE!!

    Genuine AVS Model 5 alloy wheels which came with my S15 from Japan. Condition is excellent since they have only been exposed to British weather for 7 months and most of that was summer/autumn. Only very few minor scuffs on some of the wheels. However, there is a slight buckle on one of the...