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    *babyEve* from Malaysia with her babe S15 Spec-R

    hi guys, nice to know about this community~ hope can learn more about my babe from all the pros around here :smitten: by the way, i'm Eve from Malaysia. here's my s15 photos, just for sharing~ Some Daylight photos~ anyway, nice to meet u guys ^__^
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    2008 Taipei Motorshow Highlights 3 (Race Queens)

    Here are more Race Queen pics as requested ..... Have you driven a FORD lately? Hummm..... ......someone your mother may like. Another shot of a jeep babe Wouldn't hurt to see the 300c again! Oh, yeah.....Mitsubitshi again! Lexus....not so great. Sanyong..... Audi....zzzzzz!
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    2008 Taipei Motor Show Highlights 2

    Below are somemore babe pics of the 2008 Taipei Motor Show. Top Taiwanese models outshine Mitsubitshi rides! Daihatsu makes boring cars, but babes are hot! Cute Mitsubishi babe. Yahoo booth babe! 300C curves to die for......!
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    2008 Taipei Motor Show Highlights

    Below are some pics of the 2008 Taipei Motor Show. R35GTR....gee, looks great in real life. GT3....great car but GT2 is better. GTS...ugly. Tricked out Civic Hybrid. IS-F. Mitsubitshi EVO, no, no,...EVO X babe is hotter! No, no, no Korean cars....just their babe. More...
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    Mazda RX7 FC3C

    Here's a babe we had sometime ago...only 2pcs in Singapore and from what i read, theres only 50pcs around the world.