1. E

    ciao from Italy

    Hi guys, im Luca from italy and that's my baby
  2. Draco87

    S15 from Italy!

    Hi Guys! Italy have a new s15 spec r :-) Uhmmm can anyone tell me how can i paste an image in this thread from my pc? You know... just to show my baby :-)
  3. Ajbulger

    New from Northampton England

    hey guys im AJ, from northampton 22 and just upgraded from an rx8 to my new baby looking forward to getting to know you guys and learning all i can to make my baby as beautiful as she can be.
  4. S15_SAM

    I'm GOING TO JAPAN!!!! 2014 baby!

    Myself and my GF have just booked tickets to Japan for our honeymoon!! May 27th next year I'll be in Japan!! I CANNOT ****ING WAIT!!!!!!!!!!! sorry but I had to share it!
  5. Luke

    My baby

    And this is a picture i took of it a couple of days ago when i got my new lights :D hay guys and girls this is my baby that ive owned for year and a half now and love it to bits and think it looks almost perfect, these are some of the pics of it when i was having it imported by torque GT and...
  6. R

    Kia Ora!

    Hello everyone, I'm from New Zealand and just got myself the car of my dreams, the Nissan Silvia S15. Hope to learn more about this car and upgrades that could make her even much better. Now I present to you my baby :) ...... These are some pics when I first got her. I've got some plans...
  7. DeanS15

    very happy :)

    i just wanted to share my joy :D we recently started trying for a baby and had the first scan yesterday - so far all looks good, baby is healthy and everything is normal. one thing i was pretty chuffed with is that (having never used them before lol) it works out the missus was pregnant within 2...
  8. S

    My 99 JDM Spec R S15 - StuntmanS15

    Thoughts some would like a pic of my baby...
  9. S


    Look at the rims and flared arches on this baby!:)
  10. D

    S15 Conversion - - -

    here's my baby. not done yet. needs new rims i know.
  11. D

    drifting_pretty's 2001 nissan silvia s15 spec R

    drifting_pretty s15 this is my baby
  12. Z

    My Red S15

    Hey Guys, Daniel from Sydney Australia :wave: I have looked at the whole section and there's only one RED S15, so I thought I'd add some pics of my baby. This is what she looked like when I first got her, ADM Spec-S Turbo with 10,000Kms. And now....
  13. J

    Touch up

    My car's in the bodyshop today having the sill re-sprayed. It had a long scrape along the paint when I bought it but I didn't realise until I got it home. Hope it will be OK... hate leaving my baby with other people :(
  14. P

    New addition, don't know where to fit it though.

    Just wanted to announce my latest addition, me second little girl was born today (6th March). Problem is I don't know where to fit the baby seat as the car is so damn small. :D