1. Lil SpecR

    Where to get genuine Spec R badges from?

    Looking at piccies of my Aero it appears I don't have the Spec R badges by the rear wings (just above the skirts) that most Spec R's I see on here seem to have. Where can I get genuine ones? I'm still undecided if I want them (as the less badges there are the easier it is to detail!) however I...
  2. Surfing Boris

    FS: Badges for sale

    Hi Guys, I have just de-badged the car and am selling the Nissan and Silvia boot badges and the two Spec R badges from the wings. The passenger side Spec R badge split at the letter R but it goes back together and appears immaculate. Looking for £ 50 ono plus postage. I am in Birmingham at the...
  3. Surfing Boris

    removing badges advice needed

    I would like to de-badge the rear and remove the spec r badges from the car. Can anyone advise the easiest way to do this so that (a) the badges stay in one piece, and (b) I don't do any damage to the paintwork!! Thanks guys
  4. adzsy

    FS: Genuine Spec R Badges

    I have a pair of Spec R badges for the rear quarters. £25 posted to uk can post anywhere in world but would have to check costs.
  5. J

    WTB: wanted spec r badges

    Hey guys I'm after some spec r badges . where can I get them from and how much? cheers joey
  6. N80Jamie

    WTB: Silver Spoilerless Boot lid

    As per title. Must be in very good condition with badges still intact. Thanks!
  7. C

    Before I start ripping badges off.....

    Before I start ripping badges off and potentially leaving holes in my boot lid, does anyone know if the Silvia and Nissan badges on the bootlid of an S15 are just stuck on or actually clipped on via a hole or two? Someone has stuck a nasty nismo badge on mine and I want to remove it and the oem...
  8. V

    WTB: Boot lid

    Morning ladies, My car is coming with a spoilerless boot which I want to keep on it. It also has a spoiler with it, but not attached so I want a boot lid to put this on. I suppose I want a spoilerless one so I don't end up with a spare spoiler lying around. I would prefer a boot with the badges...
  9. lvaleiron

    Side spec R and rear silvia badges placements

    I've been trying to find the where exactly are these badges located on the car (dimensionally wise) but haven't found any info on the forum or any official nissan document for it (if it exists anyway). Do any of you guys know the measurement to locate these badges correctly? or are willing to do...
  10. natune

    WTB: Spec R side badges

    hi everyone, im after the two Spec R side badges that sit just above the side skirts, preferbly new if anyone has some or knows of some? would be much appreciated cheers Lloyd :D
  11. W

    WTB: spec r badges, and anodised nuts for the engine bay?

    hi guys anyone know where i can find the specr badges brand new? Ive tried fleabay but they look fake! The ones that are stuck to the rear quarters? Also after the bolts and washers that hold all wings and lights in in the engine bay?
  12. Fruitbooter


    Been looking at a nice S15 but the badges have been taken off, the S at the front on the bonnet is gone and the silvia badge at the rear has gone.. Is it possible to put these back on? Are new parts available and are they easy to put back on... I preffer the look of them with the badges on you...
  13. andeep

    Spec R and Silvia Badges

    Got any idea where I can get hold of Spec R and Silvia badges from? Seen some Spec R ones on ebay, but there probs replicas. Do Nissan stock these?