1. S

    Cusco Zero-1. Too hard for daily or just badly set up?

    The S15 I bought recently had Cusco Zero-1 coilovers and it's really crashy. Very stiff and any little bump feels terrible. Could it be badly set up, or are these know to be very harsh, in which case what do people recommend for a daily driven S15? I'm suffering from top mount manifold...
  2. dudley97


    hope this doesnt sound too stupid? my headlights are in perfect working order although the actual plastic lense is very badly faded. is it possible to just buy the lens of the headlight or do i have to just buy headlights? thanks
  3. B

    WTB: Need Anti-Squeal Brake Bracket (thingo)....BADLY!

    I'm missing the left anti-squeal brake bracket type thingo off my left brake caliper, my calipers are just stock oems.....need badly the squealing is giving me the ****s!
  4. T

    Bought a s15 today but...

    As above a 20hr road trip with 2 ferrys to go get it, however on the drive home 2 faults arrose. When accelerating, after about 4k the car start missfiring badly and there is a huge loss in power When following the car, when lifting off the gas on over run the car smoke, White in colour I...
  5. Y

    help needed badly,

    hey folks, have posted this once are twice, so sorry for annoying ppl. but thing is i need a bonnet badly, have my car left with stiv to do a bit of work but damaged the bonnet on the way there due to bad roads. stiv has the car for over 2months so i`d say he`s sick of looking at it. ive rang...
  6. M

    thermostat housing

    Hi Guys, Does anybody know the part number for the thermostat housing for an s15? Also the gold heater tube connected between the block and thermostat housing (under the intake manifold)? Is there a website (nissan) where i can order the parts? Really need one badly, there seems to be coolant...
  7. S

    Indicator relay-clicker unit.

    Hello boys and girls . Im having a problem with my indicators in that they or the hazard lights do not work but they all work when the car is locked. I assumed that it then must be the clicker unit ,i took the panel off and gave it a "twiddle" :rolleyes: (how techinical am i ) and it worked...