1. S15AK

    Factory HID Ballast replacement?

    Looks like my nearside ballast is on its way out, so has anyone replaced with OEM before? Not sure where I'd get one from, and probably cost a lot.. Anyone had the same issue before? Cheers
  2. S

    S15 OEM non HID and HID headlight housing

    I've done a search and haven't found a straight answer. I've read that both the HID and non HID housing is exactly the same minus the ballast. Is this true? Currently my S15 has OEM HID headlights. I just purchased some OEM non HID headlights from the US and want to use them since they are...
  3. V

    Are these genuine HIDs?

    Genuine HID ballast/swapping back to standard Morning all, Can someone let me know if these look genuine? The HID ballast on them looks completely different to the ones that came off mine. This is one of the ballast units taken off my HID Thanks, Tom
  4. Burnsy

    HID Ballast

    hi guys drivers lamp went a couple weeks ago, bought some new lamps but still not fixed the problem. im guessing the ballast is knackered, can someone point me in the right direction of a new one??? they are factory HIDs anyone ever repaired one? thanks
  5. T

    FS: Driver side OEM HID Xenon Headlight - Excellent condition

    Have one of these for sale.. Excellent condition, standard black housing. Comes with ballast and the bracket. No broken brackets or anything like that £300 ono
  6. L

    changing factory HID ballast

    Heya, Anyone changed the factory HID ballasts before? One of my lights started flickering and then stopped working. Pretty common sign of ballast/bulb failure in all HIDs. Was looking at doing the switcheroo (swap bulbs left to right) to see if it is the bulb or the ballast. Would a factory...
  7. J0R04N

    WTB: After a broken S15 HID headlight

    After the above, my headlight ballast has stopped working so i need a replacement. After either a broken light with the ballast. Or a broken headlight inc the ballast.
  8. Yakozan

    Converting HID to regular Halogen headlights

    Have a small problem here in Sweden because the stock HID lights for the S15 isn't legal. They would need auto level adjustment and water spray to be legal. So I have to convert them (temporary) to regular Halogen lights. So what I need to do is bypass the ballast for the HID so I don't blow...
  9. S

    anyone had issues with S15 HID in relation to their highbeam

    hello there just wondering has anyone here who has an S15 with HID setup for low beam and when you switch the high beam on a few times, it kills the HID (as in fries the ballast) because this is the second time i needed to use my high beam several times and then my LHS HID would just go off...