My S15 in Banzai

    My old S15 is in banzai this month. Comes out today in shops, some of you may have already seen the mag if you were at japfest. If not, you should go buy it :)
  2. M

    Hello :)

    Hi, Have just purchased a S15, and the forums logo was on the back of it :) I've owed a fair few stupidly modifed Jap cars in my past, one that you may know is: Was in banzai this year, have had a couple of cars but hopeing the s15 will be a keeper :) Looks forward to nosing around...
  3. T

    Open Event: Miss Banzai Tunnel run - 16th oct

    Anyone going to this?
  4. J

    Helloooo! :o)

    Hello everyone, newbie here! :wave: Well, I haven't actually got my S15 yet - I take delivery over Easter weekend but I'm so chuffed I thought I'd get on the board with you guys straight away! It's a bit of a funny meeting really between me and the S15. I was at Torque imports this weekend...