1. Chriscooke

    Meet: FREE to all BBQ and Open day at Rare-Rims (Rota Wheels Europe) BH Monday May 27th

    This May the SXOC and Rare Rims will be hosting a free to all Bbq and open day at Rare-Rims european distribution depot in crediton. Bank Holiday Monday, May 27th, 12pm This event is open to all so bring your friends, family or any other like minded car people. The aim of the day is to...
  2. Feast Japan

    Open Event: FIA WEC @ Fuji Speedway - Day One

    Big weekend up at Fuji and living it up starting today :) Again working with the RFC simulators, this time under the Audi brand. Have some great photos from today on a new blog, have a look -> And...
  3. Nickichi

    Open Event: SXOC Rolling Road Day

    Hey Guys For anyone who's interested and not seen this yet over at SXOC, the Berks & Oxon group are having an RR day in Aldermaston along with a BBQ. Was thinking I wanna get my car checked anyway to see what's happened to the power since last summer and we really didn't have much of a summer...
  4. M

    23/8/06 Hong Kong S15 BBQ meeting

    :wave: :smitten: