1. vn-66

    whats up...

    What-a-gwan peopil? My name is John (but everyone calls me Jay). Im from Aruba where there are currently no s15s on the entire island. I am saving up to purchase one in december (for my 21st birthday), hopefully i will get it by then and be the first to rock that beauty down eagle beach on...
  2. I

    dubious characters

    ok, took my sil out to the country last night for a drive. Parked in a carpark by the beach to soak in some fresh air. Some guy cruises by slowly then enters the car park - parks a few spaces away. I then exit the car and walk to the end of the wharf. The guys waits until I'm on the wharf...
  3. I

    Finally got my A into G - here's my Sil

    Here she is - sunbathing by the beach... :cool: [/img]