1. spoonman

    FS: Selling S14/S15 bits

    See the below link for things im selling at the mo, please bear in mind that i do live in New Zealand
  2. J0R04N

    Ceramic coating

    I have recently had my manifold and turbo elbow ceramic coated. A friend of mine that owns a Performance exhaust place And has recently started doing it. I can get it done at rock bottom price :) so if anyone fancys it; Manifold; £70 elbow; £30 Please bear in mind that demon tweaks charge £228...
  3. Nicely

    Attention all SXOC forum/club members

    Want your honest opinion as to how you feel, as S15 owners, about the SXOC forum/club. Do you feel welcome? An outsider? Any bad experiences? Please give your feedback :) This is meant as a positive exercise rather than a biatch. Please bear in mind that the SXOC has to to cater for the...