1. Judd

    My new toy

  2. C

    Hopefully be S15 owner soon :)

    Hey folks. My name is Sam, im 20, Currently driving a stripped EP3 Type R but looking to make the move to the SR20DET beast that is the S15 early next year :)
  3. S

    Hi everyone =)

    Have noo idea how to work this site, but i wanted to join. i own a s15 silvia (duh) silver, turbo, spec r the sport model, sr20 det engine, 1999, NZ new. love it! if someone can tell me how to post pics il upload one! cheers, Savana :D also have a r30 skyline wagon, the old school ones..its an...
  4. D


    Few of us off to japfest uk this day week lookin forword too it and seeing nicelys beast!
  5. S

    another one..

    hi guys, new member here :wave: go easy on me :thumbs: i think i know a few ppl here from other forums, i used to have an s14a for the past couple years and now own a black beast