1. jinli

    Newbie here

    A member of sxoc but was recently referred here by s15_sam cause I'm mainly after the S15! Hello to you all, I hope I learn a lot from you guys. Let the hunting begin! :nod:
  2. R

    hello from Germany

    hi my name is Recep i'm 23 years old and i live near cologne. I borned in Germany but my parents are from turkey. I've bought my first car (200sx s13) then i was 20. this year February i begin my Project. i would like to swap s15 engine and other parts. i hope i found here somthing. Greets Ray
  3. C

    Removing sideskirts..

    Hi everyone, Has anyone ever took the OEM sideskirts off?! I need to get the end peices off that attach to the front wings, but wondered if there were any hints or tips before I begin..? Cheers :)