1. EvilChap

    WTB: Standard - Not Aero bumper

    Anybody got one? I could do with borrowing one, only need it for about a week :) If you could email me to ben at that'd be ideal :D Cheers Ben
  2. EvilChap

    350Z Wheels

    Have anybody fitted these to their S15? Any pictures? Was it a mission or bolt on? Thanks Ben
  3. EvilChap

    FS: GReddy E-Manage Blue SR20DET (S15)

    I have an e-manage blue with the harness and mapping cable for sale. No idea on value, going to ask £180 ONO. If that's too much, make me an offer, I want it to be sold, I dont have a use for it :) Ben
  4. Nicely

    End of an era...

    Well, this rather blurred photo is what I saw as my S15 was driven away by its new owner this evening... :( I recently made the decision that I would be moving back to Oz next year :D Obviously, with that decision comes a load of other necessities, particularly cars. Until a couple of weeks...