1. Surfing Boris

    Knight Racer Carbon Fibre

    Hi Guys, I am a big fan of the BGW and have been looking at the D1 style Carbon Fibre BGW on Knight Racer for £289.99 which seems really cheap for a carbon wing. DOes anbody have one of these on their cars and if so can you post a picture, they list the measurements on the website but it's...
  2. S

    Grey S15 Weymouth, by mcdonalds at about 3pm today

    Didnt see the plate but a grey s15 with carbon firbre bonet and black or cf BGW. Was being dragged into matalan to look at baby clothes at the time you were leaving.
  3. J

    Japspeed 'BGW' Carbon Wings!

    Hi guys, We have just received new stock of our 'BGW' carbon fibre spoilers and we are offering you a great price! DO NOT MISS OUT! We have used our 'BGW' wings on our Japspeed drift cars for a few years now and with many other drivers also running these too they have become a very...
  4. S

    silver s15 m25 anti clckwise by a3 this morning

    had a bgw and carbon bonnet, bronze rims and red brides
  5. LuPix_S15


    Ok folks, It's time to start getting ideas together and think about tuning up my Silvia :D To give you an idea, I would like to build a car that has a fair bit of track focus in mind so one of the issues I'm trying to sort out is the way I don't like it handling at high-speeds. Even in a...