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    FS: WTB S15 SR bottom end

    Hey guys names David, I'm looking into buying a friends S14 with a S15 SR but his bottom end is blown. Looking for a new bottom end at a good price.
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    blacktop VS redtop

    I just wanted to check what?s your opinion regarding what intake manifold is the best as stock items. The redtop one or the blacktop one? Was thinking about replacing mine as it looks to me that the S13 redtop have more straight and shorter runners.
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    Hey there. Name is Adam. I dont own an s15 per say, BUT...BUT...I have an s15 front end on my s13....also have an s15 sr20det installed. ( blacktop ). Love the s15, wish they would be allowed state side. I am jealous of all of you. lol:D