1. L

    Wiper Blades

    Hi All, Im looking to get some flat/aero blades for my S15. has anyone bought a set for theres from say Ebay or anything like that. Are they the same length as other Nissan's that are in the halfords compatible book when looking at wiper blades? Thanks Liam :wave:
  2. Krish

    Wiper blades 21" & 20"

    Am I right in saying I need the above? Cheers
  3. adz87kc

    Trico Neoform wiper blades

    Has anyone tried the Trico Neoform wiper blades that Opie oils do: I need new wipers and was going to try them out but another opinion can't go wrong :) Was also wondering if 200sx ones will be the same size (Drivers 21"...
  4. S15RKM

    Wiper arms and blades

    Does anyone know where I can get some new wiper arms mine are ****e and well rusted I also want some silicon wiper blades I think Minto has some? Well any advise would be great, Nicely where are you,lol.:D