1. chico656

    FS: Aero Front Bumper Grills

    I've got an aero bumper on the way to me but it has fog light grilles, I don't want fog lights so am looking for the blank grilles please? Cheers, Nico Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. N

    WTB: WTB: blank transponder key blank

    when I imported my car it only came with one key and I'm paranoid I'm going to lose it so I am looking for a spare key blank please let me know if you have one or know where I can find one, thanks!
  3. 5

    FS: Custom Titanium Ignition key (blank)

    wont fit s15 :)
  4. S

    My first post

    Hi everyone. My names Sean and I'm looking for my first S15. I have really joined up to find out as much information as I can before looking at any cars and get a feel for the community. I think I want something pretty standard and a fresh import so I can start from a blank canvas. The only...
  5. LuPix_S15

    Fuel Filter

    Hiya - got a fuel filter to replace etc. Looks like it's the papery part rather like an oil filter for an Astra I serviced a few months back lol... I've done a search and there was a thread about replacing fuel filter but then it pointed to Useful Threads section but this isn't opening...
  6. Curryzz

    Maybe I'm going mad

    Jut a quick one, my digital clock in the dash always stays on, does evrybodys do this I'm sure it used to go of when I remove the keys from the ignition? It's not illuminated as such like the lights are on it's just showing the time all the "time" lol, but I'm sure I would take the keys out and...
  7. E

    S15 Blank key?

    So, my s15 only came with an ugly nissan key. I'm guessing it's a spare. So, I started looking for nismo blank keys. Unfortunately, those for s15/r34 are no longer in production, and I can't find any for sale. What's left are those 8 points ones suited for the other nissans, from s13-s14...