1. L

    blowing exhaust...turbo/manifold area.

    Well finally got the time to have a look at my blowing exhaust as the job has been pushed to the bottom of the list again, I started stripping it down today so I could get a better look and it looks as though its blowing from the manifold to cylinder head gasket so my first question
  2. M

    indicator fuse blowing

    as in the title. i put a 20amp fuse in it just to see whether one of the blubs had blown but none of them have but the right hand side indicators are dimmer than the left hand side. any ideas?
  3. Marcus

    Little problem with Dumpvalve!?

    I just installed my new DV (Synapse Sb001) and today I started my car... It is running great until I touch the gas-pedal.. If I even give it just a litte-little-little bit revs, its starting to idle very very bad.. Idle goes up and down, up and down... 1000rpm -> almost stall -> 1000rpm...
  4. mint

    Interior Roof light

    this is the one in the middle of roof, wondered if you folks have had problems with bulbs blowing?.. Iv gone through 3 now and tbh.. cant be bothered changing it again. lol
  5. E

    Aircon at feet on at all times??

    This is on a JDM S15. So, I turned the aircon to 32degrees and heat all around at max fan once. Wasn't long, like 10mins or so. Then today, I noticed hot air blowing at my feet. Not exactly blowing, but my feet was burning. I thought the engine heat is coming through or something. However, I...
  6. S

    fuses s15

    s15 keeps blowing starter signal fuse,,,, any one know were to look for the problem.