1. Mark_D

    Meet: JAP MEET @ Bluewater Essex (Sat 2 Apr)

    Not much response to this one last time lads!! This is an epic meet, hundreds of cars turn up from S15's to Civics to R35 GTR's etc etc Starts at 9:00pm on Saturday 2nd April Convoy from Thurrock services carpark leaving at about 8:30 as well I would imagine (same as last time!)...
  2. vinnie

    Bluewater Jap Meet

    Hey Last night there was a huge jap meet in bluewater. Here's the link to for the pics: My car is the silver s15 while my mates was the red s14. There must of been over 200 cars there, the police...
  3. Mark_D

    Meet: JAP MEET @ Bluewater Essex (Sat 26 Feb)

    Hi guys, Just spreading the word. Its a way off yet although there will be another big jap meet @ Bluewater Shopping centre car park on Saturday 26th Feb. Last months was sh*t hot!! Must've been 200+ cars but only 1 S15!!!! Loads of jap stuff anything from big HP R34's, a couple of R35s...