1. Sims77

    Some better pictures

    Just had some pictures through, just waiting on confirmation that it made the boat today
  2. C

    Hi from Cambridgeshire, UK

    Hi everyone Newbie here. I met a few of you at JAE this weekend so thought I'd sign up and say hi. I spoke to a guy in a purple/blue S15 as he was leaving on the sunday. Im Chelle from Cambridgeshire. I don't yet have my S15 but its presently on a boat coming from Japan so hoping by the end...
  3. F

    Hi from Brisbane, Australia - car coming soon

    Hey guys, thought I should register seeing as I read the forums a lot...I've ordered a JDM S15 for myself and it should be here mid January, it did miss the first boat but I've been told that it made the 2nd one :) will post some pics once it gets here! Thanks Ryan
  4. japmadlad

    Newest owner of S15 Spec R

    :DI am now the new owner of a 99 S15 Spec R previously owned by Jono. :D Been on here for a while now researching and must say thanks to Nicely and every1 else for all the help to my questions. This is probably the most friendly owners club forum I've been on:thumbs: Bought the car on...