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    Nismo Bits and Bobs In stock ready to rock!

    Hi Everyone, I'm Matt...formerly with Touge, but now going it alone due to several reasons. Not getting any of my ordered parts from Touge being the main one! I currently have a load of Nismo bits and bobs in stock if anyone is interested. Check out our Facebook page here to see whats on...
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    hey from aberdeen

    hey guys I am steve from Aberdeen dont own a stawberry but do have a s14a im on the look for a few bits in bobs thanks
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    I've got one!

    Picked up my 99 v reg Spec R last week so thought it was time i said hello:wave: Bought the car from Rich Damms (Dammsy) so think you'll have all seen it before (Previously owned by Meddy). Havent really got any major plans for it yet, just a few little bits and bobs that i want to do...