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    WTB: Standard S15 Injecors

    Hi all As the title says, need standard S15 injectors please. Have to be S15 not from any other S bodies. Thanks. S
  2. J

    video request s15 with throttle bodies

    hey guys, seen a video posted in a reply on here a few months ago of an s15 drifting one big corner in japan that had throttle bodies, i'm sure it was a spec s in white. anyone know the vid? jonny.
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    SR20DE Throttle bodies

    Guys (and Gals :) ) i'm looking to put throttles bodies on my spec s. jenvey do a set but could not supply any information about the best cams, injectors or exhaust manifold tuning lenghts to get the best from such a set up. i have also been investigating TODAs website, who produce race tuned...